Friday, 25 November 2016

Triggering bamboo, with only specific file change in source control

Another small issue while working on bamboo today, I wanted to only trigger a bamboo plan from a specific subset of a SVN or GIT repository, so we can only trigger full test builds when we change real code and not on documentation updates.

So you think this would be easy right ? Not exactly.

There is a menu option in Bamboo under the repositories menu as follows :

So input a small change like the above for change just on XML files. Change the files in the test repository and boom, nothing.

So it turns out after some digging that Bamboo only matches on the full file path, some examples are here

After knowing this it becomes a little easier to get right, but it's not obviously clear and as a user there is no trigger log immediately available it's not clear how to proceed, hopefully this clears things up.