About the Author

Hey I'm James Dengel,

I'm a passionate 32 year old software engineer for Dialog Semicondutor based in the UK. Previously I was working with mobile devices at Cognito. I have been lucky enough to get the chance to travel to the US for work twice and in my personal life to far away places, like Singapore, Vietnam, Norway and Madagascar. I tried listing all the places I have been but I got lost after 20 or so countries, and I could go back and see totally different things next time, just because I have been doesn't mean you know a place at all really.

I love travel but have frequently done random things with technology and wondered if I should write down what I learn and preserve this information so that I can look upon it later in life hence this blog.
About random stuff that I have done and might want to know again, think of it like a notepad but online.

Also am learning Spanish in my home town of Swindon with Val Dor

You can find me on Twitter or on Instgram or even LinkedIn

As I can only show a few pictures on this I upload travelling pictures on flickr.