About the Author

Hey I'm James Dengel,

I'm a passionate 33 year old software engineer for Dialog Semicondutor based in the UK. I work in the software methodology team, working to improve process and tool usage across the company, hence the interest in Jenkins recently. We also use Bitbucket internally, with JIRA, so might be looking at linking these in the future.

Previously I was working with mobile devices at Cognito. I worked with a Linux based network, Java middle ware and then also on an XML to SQL interface at the back-end.

I should have started writing down all the stuff I had been doing earlier but as normal life gets carried away with you, but i have started now anyway.

Personally I love travel, Travel Info
Also am learning Spanish in my home town of Swindon with Val Dor

You can find me on LinkedIn :)

As I can only show a few pictures on this I upload travelling pictures on flickr.