Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Atlassian SourceTree 1.8

So today I received an e-mail about the new SourceTree release from Atlassian, since I really like Atlassian products (can you probably tell from other posts on Bamboo) and have been using sourcetree for a while, I was excited to check out the improvements.

What I got was a a complete UI change that has ruined the experience of SourceTree completely, a few of the notes that I and many other haven't liked about it.

Flat, bland, and near identical icons, means you need to read the text rather than looking at the icon, which I think is the point of an icon, to be visual.

Read Pane

Why oh why is the read pane done in this way, the text is centred. With a white background.
This just is crazy and looks very weird, not sure why this has been done this way.

There is a lot of vocal dislike of this, present here