Friday, 2 October 2015

Creating PyVisa Wheel install on Windows

So I have some legacy software that requires PyVisa 1.3 and I'm building wheels for all the packages that require this as this is the new standard for python packaging.

I was having issues creating the wheel file or even installing from the tar file from PyPi until I came across this bug report and it worked a treat.

To sum up all the actions that I needed to do.

1. Get the Tar file.
2. Extract the source.
3. make the following changes

-prefix = /usr 
In '' home_dir can be derived in a platform independent fashion:
- home_dir = os.environ['HOME']
+ home_dir = os.path.expanduser('~')

4. Navigate to the root of the source and make the wheel file

python bdist_wheel

Viola you have a windows wheel file that can be installed fast and effective to all virtual environments.

The newer versions are much easier to package into wheel files. I will be sure to post up about other packages that I have any issues with and the solutions to them as well.